Cash For Unwanted Cars On the Spot Anywhere in Adelaide

Posted on 02th, Jun 19

Everything sells at the right price. Particularly cars. Old, used ones. 

If you have an unwanted car, consider selling it to us. We pay the highest prices for unwanted cars in Adelaide. Not only that, but we also do the auto-transfer paperwork for you plus pick up and drive your car from your home. 

The Best Thing You Can Do With An Unwanted Car Is To Give It Away

All your unwanted car takes up is space in your mind. If this is not something you can afford, then sell your car to us.  

Suburban Cash For Cars Gives You Free Unwanted Cars Removal In Adelaide

But besides cash, what we also give you is an Unwanted Car Removal Service if you need it. 

Sometimes, you have an old car locked up in your garage that you’d like to get rid of but can’t due to the cost of towing involved.

You don’t have to pay a towing company to tow your car to the nearest Wrecker or Tip. All you have to do is give a Cash for Car dealer like ourselves and we’ll do the job of towing for you for FREE.  

Suburban Cash For Cars Is A Well-established Company In  Adelaide

We buy: 

  • Old cars 
  • Old vans 
  • Old trucks 
  • Old SUVs 
  • Old utes
  • Repossessed cars 
  • Damaged cars 
  • Accident cars – the list goes on 

We Pay The Best Prices Anyone Will For Old Cars In Adelaide

Suburban Cash for Cars understands what makes the world go round: CASH. 

Nothing is sweeter than the feeling of having a wad of crisp banknotes in your pocket.  So, if that’s what makes your day, you’ll be pleased to know it makes ours too.

We pay top Cash for Cars in Adelaide– regardless of their condition.

Even if your car lacks wheels or an engine, we are still interested in buying it from you! 

The Price Is Always Right

Depending on how new or old your car is, you will find us giving you anything from $500 to $15,000 for it.

Every year, we buy over 300 cars. That’s a lot of money and a lot of cars. So, if you have a car you no longer have a need for, please give us a call on 0499 022 036.

We’d be more than happy to take it off your hands! If you prefer not to call, you can also send us an email using the Enquiry Form we’ve provided for your convenience.