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Do you want to sell your car fast and in a hassle-free manner? You have come to the right place. Suburban Cash For Cars makes selling any type of old vehicle a breeze. With us, you get top cash for cars in Norwood and various complementary services such as FREE towing & recyling.

Our trained staff is always available to answer customer’s queries and provide them will all the information necessary regarding car selling.

So no more wasting time finding the right price for a car in the Adelaide market, just come to us, and we will offer your fair prices for your vehicle.

Cash For Cars Norwood

Join Thousands Of Our Customers All Over Norwood To Sell Your Vehicle Quickly

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Give us a call and tell us about your vehicle. We need details such as make model, condition, odometer readings etc. After that, we will offer you a FREE quote immediately.


Accept the offer 

Our team will inspect your vehicle in person and make an offer for it right there and then.


Receive Car Towing

With us, you can schedule car removal in Norwood whenever you find it suitable. Just give us a call and book your removal date and time.


Get cash  

Instant cash in exchange for your unwanted vehicle up to $9,999

To earn top cash for cars in Norwood, contact us today.

Valuations You Can Trust

Valuations You Can Trust

All of the car valuations we carry out are powered by data collected from all over Adelaide. This way, Suburban Cash For Cars provides you with accurate quotes that reflect the prices in the current market. Our quotes are obligation-free and can be collected within minutes.

The value we get from the quotes is 100% data-driven without any biases. Our innovative algorithm considers various factors such as the car’s mileage, specifications, age, etc., to develop the quote. Therefore you can entirely rely on us to provide you with an accurate value without any foul-play.

Get in touch with us today and sell your car in Norwood.

Recycle Your Car And Earn Top Cash in Norwood

Suburban Cash For Cars in Adeliade pays you to cash up to $9,999 to recycle your vehicle in an eco-friendly manner. We know how much damage old cars can cause to the environment. That’s why we will take your unwanted vehicle off your hand and recycle it.

Our recycling process involves purchasing the vehicle and draining all the toxic fluids from it. Later we remove all the rusted parts from it as well. The next stage involves taken the car apart and separating its component from the metal frame. The frame is sent to be recycled and sold, while the auto parts are fixed and resold at our branches at affordable rates. we follow the Australian Government guidelines to recycle and dismantle the vehicles.

To purchase high-quality second-hand spare parts, write us an email.

Easy Car Recycling