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A Reliable Way To Sell Your Car

Car selling can be a complex process, especially for people who are doing it for the first time. The whole process comes with many hurdles, such as dodging low ball offers and dealing with demanding customers. Unfortunately, this process can easily last for months before a considerable offer is made.

We at Suburban Cash For Cars in Adelaide offer car owners a way to avoid traditional car selling routes and choose the easiest and hassle-free method in all of Adelaide. With our services, customers can sell their vehicle within a day and earn the highest cash for old cars in Adelaide.

Our customers are our first priority; that’s why all of our services are designed to offer you ease and convenience. We have a large fleet of tow trucks available, and as soon as you book a removal, our drivers get on the road to offer you the fastest removal services. And if you have any questions or queries, our customer service agents are also available to answer your questions and listen to your concerts.

So, get in touch with us today and fill our quote form to receive an obligation-free valuation for your car.

A Reliable way to sell your car

We Buy All Types Of Vehicles

We have a large wrecking facility, enabling us to accept all types of wrecked or damaged vehicles. Suburban Cash For Cars purchases standard sedans, buses, vans, trucks, Utes, Electric cars, or any other kind of commercial vehicle. We will take your car and recycle the metal collected from it in an eco-friendly manner and salvage the spare parts to be sold later.

We will accept vehicles of all major brands like American, European, Japanese, Korean, etc., and we will pay you top cash up to $9,999 on the spot for them and provide FREE towing as well.

The following is the list of all the brands we accept
























Land Rover

If you have a vehicle that is not mentioned in the above list, feel free to contact us, and we will guide you on how to move forward.

Many Reasons Why You Should Choose Suburban Cash For Cars In Adelaide

Skilled Workforce

We at Suburban Cash For Cars in Adelaide always try to hire the best people for the job, so all our employees are experienced in their field. Our trained tow trucks drivers, technicians, customer service representatives are always ready to serve you to the best of their abilities.

The Best Car Wrecking Facility In The Area

Our facilities are equipped with the best tools and machinery; they are set up according to code and follows all the restriction imposed by the Australian government. All this makes our wrecking processes efficient and safe for all parties involved.

Reliable Quotes For Your Vehicle

Our quote calculator uses data collected from the SA market, different car selling sites, and auction houses. This enables us to give you as accurate of a quote as possible. And this is why most of the time the prices we offer are so close to the car’s value in the market.

A Registered Business In Operations For Many Years

Unfortunately, many similar businesses are operating without a license, which means that they are not required to follow a standard of operations. As a result, their recycling processes can be harmful to everyone if the car is not being scrapped according to the rules. Unlike them, we operate a licensed and registered facility that recycles damaged and unwanted cars in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner.

Cash for cars

A Straightforward Way To Sell Your Car

We have designed an easy 3 step process that can be used to sell your car,

The steps are as follows:

Step 1. Fill Out Our Online Quote

  • This quote will give you an accurate estimated value of your car.
  • Just put in your contact details and information about the car like the brand, year of purchase, odometer reading, and a detailed description of your car.
  • Press enter, and within a few minutes, you will get an estimated value of your car. We estimate the price by referring to the South Australia car market and values from other car selling sites.

Step 2. Book Your Inspection

  • If the value is to your liking, then the next thing to do is book an inspection with us.
  • Our expert evaluators will come to your location at the decided time and conduct an onsite inspection. This takes no more than an hour.
  • The customers will decide the date, time, and location according to their convenience.

Step 3. Accept The Offer

  • The evaluator will make the final offer after inspecting the car; once the offer has been accepted, we will provide you with the paperwork and any legal document required. Just sign the papers and the car will be transferred from you to us.
  • Once the title has been transferred, our trucks will simply tow your car away and pay you cash for cars in Adelaide up to $9,999 in hand.

We Wreck Your Car In The Best Way Possible

Suburban Cash For Cars offers eco-friendly car wrecking services all over South Australia. With our services, we are able to divert large amounts of car wastes away from landfills and utilize more than 90% of the components of the vehicle.

Our car scrapping procedure begins by taking all the vehicles we purchase from our customers to our well-equipped car wrecking facilities. Over there, the vehicles are drained of all the toxic fluids and clean of the wastes and rusted parts.

The next step involves taking out all the vehicle’s internal components, including the car parts, seats, windows, windshield, etc. The usable parts are kept the remaining are discarded safely. Finally, the usable car parts are sent to be quality-checked.

Only the parts in ideal conditions are picked to be sold at our branches. The remaining car frame and the car body are also recycled for steel and sold to recycled steel purchases all over the region. This process helps us preserve our environment’s integrity and use the available end-of-life vehicles.

To learn more about our services and sell your old car for cash in Adelaide, give us a call.

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