The Leading Used Car Buyers Adelaide

Posted on 28th, May 19

What makes a brand the leading Car buyers in Adelaide? Response time.

Call us at “Suburban Cash For Cars” for a quote on your old car or old truck you may wish to sell – we will give you a quote for it, on the spot, over the phone.

Used Car Buyers Adelaide

Use the Fast Enquiry Form on our website

To make selling your old car or truck even easier for you, we’ve introduced a Fast Inquiry Form on our website.

Submit your vehicle’s details via this form and we’ll call back within 30 minutes – max!

Our Fast Enquiry Form is just one more way we’ve improved the service we provide our customers with.

We Are Leading Used Car Buyers Adelaide

We pay top cash for cars in Adelaide. The amount we pay you could be as high as $9,999 if your car is new or has low km on it.

Adelaide’s leading Car Buyer, we buy hundreds of cars each year. This helps you get rid of a car you may no longer need or desire.

It also helps your community get rid of cars that people have abandoned and left without number plates– on the street – an iconic Aussie act

As Leading Used Car Buyers We Buy Cars & Trucks

Sometimes, an accident while driving can make it necessary for you to retire from driving trucks for a living. It’s always sad when this happens – but what do you do? Something else is the answer.

If you have an old truck you are no longer able to drive and wish to sell, we’d be keen to send a staff member of ours over to inspect it.

Suburban Cash for Cars will make you an offer for your truck we guarantee will make it impossible for you to refuse.

What makes us tick- our passion for cars and trucks

Suburban Cash for Cars started the way all businesses start – with a dream and few clients to fund it.

Bit by bit, we worked our way to the top – buoyed only by a few initial clients and our dream which was to take service standards in the cash for car and auto wrecker industries to a new level.

We seem to have succeeded in this area – in independent customer satisfaction surveys we carry out with our clients every now and again, we score 4.5 out of 5 or more. For us, a score of 4 is a minimum mark we need to pass the strict internal standards we set for ourselves.

We are interested in buying your old car or truck from you

Suburban Cash for Cars guarantees:

  1. To give you a price that is fair for your vehicle
  2. Cash that’s instant
  3. Assistance with paperwork if you need it
  4. Service that’s courteous and polite
  5. Pick up and collection of your car from your home
  6. Free tow if you need it

To sell your car for cash today, call Suburban Cash for Cars on 0499 022 036.